In the year 1982 Ahmet Özarici - at the age of 12 years - began learning the art of Baklava Making. Soon after this, his brother Kazım joined him in the learning process of Baklava mastery. They were trained by a very famous Turkish Baklava master in Gaziantep, who started training them at 4:00 in the morning until 16:00 in the afternoon. After a year of practice in İstanbul Bakırköy in a Baklava shop, they returned to Gaziantep to work as Baklava masters for a well-known Baklava maker in Gaziantep.With the experience they gained from their apprentice years they made the high-quality Baklava, which is now known as Damla Premium Baklava.

Kazım came to Cologne in 1991 and Kazım brought his brother Ahmet to Germany. Kazım started his own Baklava business with the partnership of his brother Ahmet in 1993 on Montanus Strasse. It did not take a long time for their clients to notice the flavor of their baklava and they got more and more customers everyday. Today Damla Baklava is a culinary ambassador enriching and bringing Turkish and German culture together.

The Özarıcı Brothers are the first in Europe to make high-quality Baklava. Damla baklava is neither too sweet nor too heavy, it has the right balance to make a delightful taste for your dessert cravings. Damla is different from Baklava you know, once you taste the Damla Baklava, you would not enjoy any other baklava then Premium Baklava by Damla. Enjoy...